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St. Mary of Sorrows

Summer 2018

Parent Information


July 23-27 (Mon-Fri), 2018 9am - 12pm


St. Mary of Sorrows
5222 Sideburn Rd Fairfax, VA 22032

VBS Directors

Meghan Kuhn ()
Shelley Schaad ()
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Fun-Filled Days of Catholic Kidz Camp

Kids will check-in with St. Catherine, pick-up their flight plan and meet their very own Guardian Angel! They will encounter exciting characters from the Bible whose lives were transformed by the angels. Who knows? They may meet Mary, the Queen of Angels on the way! Kids will have a soaring good time!

Parachute with the Angels and St. Catherine Labouré Catholic Kidz Camp is divided into four age-specific programs. The creative grade-appropriate lessons are based on Sacred Scripture and Catholic Tradition and the Doctors of the Church. Each day, after the Welcome & Prayer, fun lessons begin and explain the various roles angels play in our salvation. These lessons are engaging and promote active participation. Each day children will listen to the story of Saint Catherine Labouré because Catherine was led by an angel to meet Mary, the Queen of Angels. After listening to a specific section of the storybook which complements the daily lesson, children will participate in a variety of games and Bible verse memory activities. Sensational, easy-to-make crafts reflect each day's theme. Songs from the Angel of God Music CD are upbeat, lively and the lyrics enrich the overall program.

Fun & Exciting Lessons!

Day 1: Messenger: One Who is Sent
Day 2: Your Angel Protects You
Day 3: Your Angel Comforts You
Day 4: Your Angel Guides You
Day 5: Be a Missionary